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First Blog Post!

A few months ago, I had a startling revelation – I don’t actually know how most of the world works. Of course, I understand math concepts and I know that human beings need oxygen to live. But what about WiFi? 4G LTE? The contact lenses I rely on everyday? From complicated systems like the New York City Subway to trivial things like scotch tape, I have absolutely no clue how numerous things function and enable me to live my comfortable lifestyle.

I also realized that instead of trying to figure all these things out, I was simply content with the knowledge that with my smart phone in my pocket, which is probably smarter than me, and with the power of Google, I would have all this knowledge at my fingertips.

However, I found myself looking up things I had already researched before, which means that this instant access to knowledge was not contributing to any significant understanding on my part.

Here we go then. Starting on April 16, 2014, I will write one daily post about something new I learned. This will help me to keep track of my progress in my quest for knowledge and hopefully make me a better writer along the way.

I will try to make every post as simple as possible while attempting to explain all the details about something that I did not previously know, but have now researched thoroughly.

This post is probably written very terribly, but that’s OK. I will get better. If you stick it out with me, hopefully you will also learn something new.

“You know nothing, Jon Snow.” - Ygritte, Game of Thrones

Alas, I’m in the same boat as poor Jon. But no matter, I will soon know more than I do today, for now my watch begins.

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